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Tips on reducing the load on virtual machines

July 22, 2024

ID 92480

When installing Network Agent on a virtual machine, you are advised to consider disabling some Kaspersky Security Center features that seem to be of little use for virtual machines.

When installing Network Agent on a virtual machine or on a template intended for generation of virtual machines, we recommend the following actions:

  • If you are running a remote installation, in the properties window of the Network Agent installation package, in the Advanced section, select the Optimize settings for VDI option.
  • If you are running an interactive installation through a wizard, in the wizard window, select the Optimize the Network Agent settings for the virtual infrastructure option.

Selecting those options alters the settings of Network Agent so that the following features remain disabled by default (before a policy is applied):

  • Retrieving information about software installed
  • Retrieving information about hardware
  • Retrieving information about vulnerabilities detected
  • Retrieving information about updates required

Usually, those features are not necessary on virtual machines because they use uniform software and virtual hardware.

Disabling the features is invertible. If any of the disabled features is required, you can enable it through the policy of Network Agent, or through the local settings of Network Agent. The local settings of Network Agent are available through the context menu of the relevant device in Administration Console.

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