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Working with EAS devices

July 22, 2024

ID 92546

Devices retrieved by scanning the Microsoft Exchange server will be added to the common list of devices, which is located in the Mobile Device Management node, in the Mobile devices folder.

If you want the Mobile devices folder to display Exchange ActiveSync devices only (hereinafter referred to as EAS devices), filter the device list by clicking the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) link that is located above this list.

You can manage EAS devices by means of commands. For example, the Reset to factory settings command allows you to remove all data from a device and reset the device settings to the factory settings. This command is useful if the device is lost or stolen, when you need to prevent corporate or personal data from falling into the hands of a third party.

If all data has been deleted from the device, it will be deleted again the next time the device connects to the Microsoft Exchange Server. The command will be reiterated until the device is removed from the list of devices. This behavior is caused by the operation principles of the Microsoft Exchange server.

To remove an EAS device from the list, in the context menu of the device, select Delete. If the Exchange ActiveSync account is not deleted from the EAS device, the latter will reappear on the list of devices after the next synchronization of the device with the Microsoft Exchange server.

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