Configuring Backup settings

April 26, 2024

ID 216894

The following settings for message delivery from Backup are used by default. You can edit these settings individually for each message.

To configure Backup settings:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the SettingsGeneralBackup → Settings section.
  2. In the Backup maximum size (MB) field, enter the total size of all messages in Backup, after which older messages will start getting deleted.

    The minimum value is 1024 MB. The default value is 7168 MB (7 GB). The value of the setting must not exceed half of the free space in the /var partition on disks of the cluster nodes.

  3. In the Storage period (days) field, specify the number of days to wait before the oldest messages are deleted.

    Possible values are integers from 1 to 1100 (~3 years). The default value is 30 days.

    Old messages are deleted when any of these limits is reached.

  4. In the drop-down list below, select the form in which you want messages to be delivered from Backup:
    • In an attachment
    • As is
  5. Some mail systems, for example, Microsoft Exchange Server, may reject repeated delivery of a message with the same SMTP message ID header. To deliver messages in their original form from Backup to such systems, you must remove the SMTP message ID header. To do so, move the Remove SMTP message ID toggle switch to the Enabled position.

    Available only for the As is message delivery format.

    If the message has a DKIM signature, removing the SMTP message ID header may damage it.

  6. Select an action to take for messages that need to be placed in Backup if Backup is unavailable:
    • Process messages.

      The message will be processed regardless of Backup availability. If the Delete attachment or Disinfect action is configured, the modified message is sent to recipients after the attachment is disinfected or deleted. If the Delete message action is configured, the message is deleted without notifying the recipient. If the Reject action is configured, the message is rejected.

    • Temporary fail.

      If an error occurs while placing a message in Backup, the application returns SMTP error 451.

    • Reject messages.

      If an error occurs while placing a message in Backup, the message is rejected.

  7. Click Save.

Backup is configured.

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