May 23, 2024

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Backup stores messages which Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway saves before processing. Access permissions to messages in Backup are restricted to ensure the security of the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway server.

If a rule that has the Move message to Backup check box selected in its settings is applied to a message, the original message is placed in Backup regardless of the specified action. Messages are placed in Backup together with attachments.

In administrator mode, information is displayed about all messages placed in Backup.

With relevant permissions, the application administrator can do the following with messages in Backup:

The default maximum Backup space is 7 GB. As soon as the size of Backup exceeds the default threshold value, the application begins deleting the oldest messages from Backup. When the size of Backup again falls below the threshold value, the application stops deleting messages from Backup.

Personal Backup

In user mode, personal Backup is displayed with information about messages of the current user.

A user can view personal Backup as well as perform actions on messages if the administrator has turned on the relevant options in personal Backup settings.

Personal Backup contains messages that had Disinfect, Delete attachment, or Delete message actions applied to them. If the Skip or Reject action was applied to the message, the message is not available in personal Backup of the user.

The user of the application can do the following with messages in personal Backup:

Messages are not placed in personal Backup if the name or email address of the user match the name or email address of another user or a group in the LDAP server domain. Email addresses and names of users are checked for duplicates after each successful synchronization with the Active Directory domain controller.

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