Error when applying settings on the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway 2.0 cluster nodes

Latest update: February 22, 2022 ID: 15829
This article concerns Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway 2.0.

An error can occur when applying settings on Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway cluster nodes. 

The information about the settings application error will appear in the application web interface window in the Nodes section.


The possible cause of the error is that too many addresses are specified in the lists of allowed and blocked addresses in the application settings.


Change the timeout for applying the settings on the cluster nodes. To do so:

  1. Upload an SSH public key via the application web interface. See the Online Help page for instructions.
  2. Connect to the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway virtual machine management console under the root account, using the SSH private key.
    You will enter the Technical Support Mode.
  3. Open the file located at:
  4. Change the extsys_apply_timelimit parameter value to a larger one.
  5. Restart the cluster node. See the Online Help page for instructions.

What to do if the issue persists

If the issue persists, submit a request to Kaspersky technical support via Kaspersky CompanyAccount. Please include a detailed description of the issue. Before contacting the support, see the guide on creating a request in the Knowledge base.

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