About Online storage

October 3, 2023

ID 84772

Kaspersky Small Office Security lets you save backup copies of your data in Online storage on a remote server via the Dropbox service.

To use Online storage:

  • Make sure that the computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Create an account on the website of the online data storage service provider.
  • Activate Online storage.

You can use one and the same Dropbox account to back up data from different devices with Kaspersky Small Office Security installed to a single Online storage.

The Online storage size is determined by the provider of the online storage services, the Dropbox web service. See the Dropbox website for more details on the terms of use of the web service.

When copying files to Dropbox, Kaspersky Small Office Security does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters in the name of a file and/or name of a path to the file. Therefore, when attempting to create backup copies of files whose names and/or paths differ only by their case, Kaspersky Small Office Security creates only one backup copy because a conflict arises in Dropbox.

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