Why do I see a subscription or license renewal notification if none of my subscriptions or licenses is about to expire?

Latest update: February 09, 2023 ID: 15399

Sometimes you may receive notifications by email or inside a Kaspersky application prompting you to renew an application subscription or license.

Here are some possible reasons:

  • You forgot about one of your subscriptions or licenses. Check your subscriptions or licenses using the instructions below.
  • You have a subscription or license, you remember about it but you don't use it because you have already purchased another suitable subscription or license. Use the expiring subscription or license on a different device or wait until its term ends.
  • You used a Kaspersky application before but have already uninstalled it. The notifications are sent by error. Contact Kaspersky Customer Service using the instructions below.

Check your current subscriptions in My Kaspersky


How to check subscriptions or licenses without a My Kaspersky account


Contact Kaspersky Customer Service

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