Configuring notifications of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks

August 29, 2019

ID 81791

When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, your confidential data may be stolen if that network is protected poorly. Kaspersky Small Office Security checks Wi-Fi networks every time you connect to one. If the Wi-Fi network is not secure (for example, a vulnerable encryption protocol is used, or the name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID) is very popular), the application displays a notification informing you that you are about to connect to an insecure Wi-Fi network. Click the link in the notification window to learn how to safely use the Wi-Fi network.

To configure notifications of vulnerabilities on Wi-Fi networks:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Settings 2019.png button in the lower part of the window.

    The Settings window opens.

  3. In the left part of the window, select the Protection section.
  4. In the right part of the Protection section, select the Firewall subsection.

    The window displays the settings of the Firewall component.

  5. Select the Notify of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks if you want to receive notifications when you are connecting to vulnerable Wi-Fi networks. If you do not want to receive notifications, clear the check box. This check box can be accessed if Kaspersky Secure Connection is not installed on the computer.
  6. If the Notify of vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks check box is selected, you can specify the advanced settings for display of notifications:
    • Select the Block and warn about insecure transmission of passwords over the Internet check box to block all transmission of passwords in non-encrypted text format when you fill in the Password fields on the Internet.
    • Click the Reset hidden alerts link to roll back to the default values of settings for display of notifications about transfers of passwords in non-encrypted form. If you have previously blocked display of notifications about password transfer in non-encrypted form, display of these notifications will resume.

This functionality is unavailable if Kaspersky Small Office Security is installed on a file server.

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