Distribution kit

January 10, 2024

ID 74382

For information about purchasing the application, please visit Kaspersky website at https://www.kaspersky.com or contact our partners.

The distribution kit includes the following files:

  • Files required for installing application components:
    • File for starting the Kaspersky Security management MMC plug-ins, Integration Server, and Integration Server Console installation wizard.
    • SVM (secure virtual machine) images Protection Server.
    • Files for installing Light Agent for Windows and Light Agent for Linux, including the files that contain the texts of the End User License Agreements and the Privacy Policy.
    • Files for installing management web plug-ins that let you manage the application through the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console.
  • MIB file that you can use to receive SVM status information with the aid of the SNMP Monitoring system.

On the Kaspersky website, you can download the files that are included in the Kaspersky Security distribution kit and the files necessary for installing Kaspersky Security Center.

The contents of the distribution kit can vary from region to region.

Information required to activate the application is forwarded by email after payment.

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