STOP command

January 10, 2024

ID 148003

Stops the task execution.

To execute the task termination command, first enable protection of access to Light Agent functions and settings and specify the settings of the account used for access.

Command syntax:

STOP [<profile>] /login:<user name> /password:<password>


  • <profile> – profile name. Available profiles:
    • File_Monitoring (FM). File Anti-Virus.
    • Scan_IdleScan. Scanning when the protected virtual machine is idle.
    • Scan_My_Computer. Full scan task.
    • Scan_Objects. Custom scan task.
    • Scan_Qscan. Startup objects scan task.
    • Scan_Startup (STARTUP). Critical areas scan task.
    • SW2. System Watcher.
    • Updater. Database update task.
    • Web_Monitoring (WM). Web Anti-Virus.
    • AmsiTask (Amsi). AMSI Protection.

    If the profile name is not specified, the command displays the list of available profiles. You can also view this list using the following command: HELP STOP.

  • /login:<user name> – name of the account used to access the application.
  • /password:<password> – password.

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