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January 10, 2024

ID 167732

By accepting the terms of the End User License Agreement for Kaspersky Security, you agree to automatically send to Kaspersky the following information:

  • When updating Kaspersky Security databases and modules:
    • ID of Kaspersky Security
    • ID of the active license
    • Unique ID of the Kaspersky Security installation
    • Unique ID of the update task start
    • Full version of Kaspersky Security
  • When following links from the Kaspersky Security interface:
    • Kaspersky Security application type
    • Kaspersky Security version
    • Kaspersky Security interface language
    • ID of the web page being accessed
    • Hash of the detected threat, and the name of this threat according to the Kaspersky classification
  • If an activation code is being applied to activate Kaspersky Security:
    • ID, version and localization of Kaspersky Security, and IDs of compatible applications
    • SVM ID and unique ID of the Kaspersky Security installation
    • Activation code and time when the application was activated
    • Type, version, and bit rate of the operating system, and the name of the virtual environment in which Kaspersky Security is installed
    • Information about packaging of regularly transmitted confirmations of the license key status

    Information is transmitted periodically for the purpose of verifying that the application is being used appropriately.

    You also agree to transmit the following information:

    • Type, version, and localization of Kaspersky Security
    • Depending on type of the virtual infrastructure: type and version of hypervisor, on which the SVM is deployed, or type and version of Keystone microservice API that manages the OpenStack project, within which the SVM is deployed, as well as type, version, and rate of the operating system on the protected virtual machine, and approximate number of virtual machines, on which this operating system is installed
    • Universal unique identifier of the SVM
    • License edition, license order number, and licensing scheme type
    • Number of licensing units for which the key can be used and the number of licensing units for which the key is already in use

    Kaspersky may use this information to generate statistical information about the distribution and use of Kaspersky software.

    By using an activation code, you agree to automatically send to Kaspersky the data listed above. If you do not agree to send this information, you must use a key file to activate Kaspersky Security.

The received information is protected by Kaspersky in accordance with the requirements established by the law and the current Kaspersky rules. Data is transmitted via encrypted communication channels.

For more detailed information about processing, storage, and destruction of information obtained during the use of the application and transmitted to Kaspersky, please refer to the Privacy Policy on Kaspersky website.

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