Executing configuration commands

January 10, 2024

ID 179763

Configuration commands are executed over SSH using the klconfig account.

To execute a command, enter the following into the command line:

ssh klconfig@<SVM address> <command>


  • <SVM address> – IP address of the SVM or localhost if the command is run on an SVM.
  • <command> – command, with parameters (if necessary).

Each command requires entry of the klconfig account password (configuration password) if you have not configured authorization by SSH key for accessing the SVM without a password (the setsshkey command).

Certain commands require additional interactive entry of data. For example, the passwd command requires entry of a new user password.

Each command displays the result of its execution in the following format:

  • KLCONFIG OK – if the command was executed successfully.
  • KLCONFIG FAILED – if an error occurred during execution of the command.

Certain commands may provide additional information about an error in the following format:

ERROR:<NNNN error description>

where <NNNN error description> is the digital error code and text description. Some errors may not contain a digital code.

For example, executing the connectorlang command without parameters for an SVM with the IP address returns an error message and a message about how to use the command (the lang parameter is required):

> ssh klconfig@ connectorlang

> klconfig@’s password:

Usage: connectorlang lang


Result of execution of the same command with the correct parameters:

> ssh klconfig@ connectorlang en

> klconfig@’s password:


The result of execution of each command is written to the file results.log located in the folder /var/opt/kaspersky/klconfig/.

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