Removing tenants

January 10, 2024

ID 199330

If you want to stop provision of services to a complete tenant type, remove the tenant. To do so, perform the following actions:

  1. Remove Light Agent for Windows, Light Agent for Linux and Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent from the tenant virtual machines.

    You can perform these actions manually in Kaspersky Security Center interface or automate removal using Kaspersky Security Center OpenAPI. Refer to the Knowledge Base for more details.

  2. Remove the tenant from the Integration Server database, as well as remove the tenant protection infrastructure. The removal procedure is automated by means of the Integration Server REST API. When calling the REST API method, specify the removeTenantArtifacts=true parameter.

    As a result of the procedure, the following actions are automatically performed:

    • Information about the tenant and the tenant virtual machines is deleted from the Integration Server database.
    • The following tenant protection infrastructure is removed from Kaspersky Security Center: virtual Administration Server and the account for connecting to it, the Multitenancy KSV LA<Tenant name> folder and its contents (subfolders and administration groups, policies and tasks, and installation packages).
    • If there are no other tenants, the Multitenancy KSV LA folder is also deleted.

If provision of protection services is terminated for the simple tenant type, remove the tenant from the Integration Server database.

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