Editing templates of Device Control messages

January 10, 2024

ID 65746

Special templates are available for messages about blocked access to devices or forbidden operations with device contents, and for complaints sent to the administrator regarding unnecessary blocking. You can edit these templates.

To modify a Device Control message template in Kaspersky Security Center:

  1. Open Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console.
  2. In the Managed devices folder of the console tree, open the folder with the name of the administration group to which the relevant protected virtual machines belong.
  3. In the workspace, select the Policies tab.
  4. Select a Light Agent for Windows policy in the list of policies and open the Properties: <Policy name> by double-clicking.
  5. In the policy properties window, select the Device Control section in the list on the left.
  6. In the right part of the window, click the Templates button.
  7. In the Message templates window that opens, do one of the following:
    • To modify the template of the message about blocked access to a device or a forbidden operation with device content, select the Blocking tab.
    • To modify the complaint template that is sent to the LAN administrator, select the Complaint tab.
  8. Modify the template of the blocking message or the complaint template. To do this, use the Default and Variables buttons.
  9. Click OK in the Message templates window.
  10. Click the Apply button.

To modify a Device Control message template in the local interface:

  1. On the protected virtual machine, open the application settings window.
  2. In the left part of the window, in the Endpoint control section, select Device Control.

    In the right part of the window, the Device Control component's settings are displayed.

    If the settings in the local interface are not available, this means that the values of settings defined by the policy are used for all protected virtual machines of the administration group.

  3. Complete steps 6–9 of the previous instructions.
  4. To save changes, click the Save button.

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