Changing the action to take on infected files

January 10, 2024

ID 65797

To change the action on infected files in the local interface:

  1. On the protected virtual machine, open the application settings window.
  2. In the left part of the window, in the Scheduled tasks section, select the subsection with the name of the relevant scan task (Full Scan, Critical Areas Scan or Custom Scan).

    If some of the scan tasks do not appear in the section, this means that the policy prohibits configuration of the settings of these scan tasks for all protected virtual machines in the administration group.

    In the right part of the window, the settings of the selected scan task are displayed.

  3. In the Action on threat detection section, select the required option:
    • Select action automatically.
    • Perform action: Disinfect. Delete if disinfection fails.
    • Perform action: Disinfect.
    • Perform action: Delete.
    • Perform action: Inform.

    The Select action automatically option is selected by default. The application performs the default action defined by Kaspersky experts: Disinfect. Delete if disinfection fails option is selected by default.

    Regardless of the option selected, Kaspersky Security application applies the Delete action to the files that are part of the Windows Store application.

    When files are deleted or disinfected, their copies are saved in Backup.

  4. To save changes, click the Save button.


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