Password-protecting access to application settings in a local interface

January 10, 2024

ID 65963

Multiple users with different levels of computer literacy can share a single protected virtual machine. If users have unrestricted access to Kaspersky Security and its settings, the overall security level of the protected virtual machine may be reduced.

You can restrict access to the application by setting a user name and password and specifying the operations for which the application must prompt the user for this information.

We recommend exercising care when you use a password to restrict access to the application. If you have forgotten the password, you need to contact Kaspersky Technical Support to receive instructions on disabling password protection.

This section describes how to configure protection of access to the application settings using the Administration Console and the Light Agent for Windows local interface. You can also enable and disable access protection and change the access password using the Web Console when creating or modifying the Light Agent for Windows policy settings (Application SettingsOther settingsInterface).

In this section:

Enabling and disabling password protection

Changing the application access password

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