SVM deployment

January 10, 2024

ID 73215

At this step, SVMs are deployed on hypervisors. The process takes some time. Please wait until deployment is complete.

The window shows, one row at a time, the stages of deployment of each SVM with the status of each stage: Processing N%, Pending, Skipped, Completed, Error.

The last step of SVM deployment involves checking the connection of the SVM to the Integration Server. If a connection could not be established between the SVM and the device hosting the Integration Server, the window displays a warning. After SVM deployment is complete, you are advised to make sure that the Integration Server is running and can be accessed by the SVM over the network.

If an error occurs on a hypervisor during the SVM deployment process, the Wizard rolls back the changes on this hypervisor. Deployment continues on the other hypervisors.

When deployment is completed, SVM is turned on automatically.

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