Kaspersky Thin Client

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July 16, 2024

ID 224518

Kaspersky Thin Client version 2.0 has the following new capabilities and improvements:

  • Connection to remote desktops and applications deployed in a Microsoft Remote Desktop Services infrastructure: added capability to connect to Microsoft Windows remote desktops and virtual applications via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Broker.
  • Added capability to connect to virtual desktops deployed in a Citrix Workspace or VMware Horizon infrastructure over HTML5.
  • Redirection of audio recording and playback devices connected to the thin client via a mini-jack, to the remote environment.
  • Redirection of smart cards, USB drives, and printers to a Linux (Astra Linux CE/SE, ALT Linux, RED OS) remote desktop. To redirect peripheral devices, install Kaspersky USB Redirector for the xRDP server in the guest OS, including Basis.WorkPlace.
  • Added support for the Centerm F620 thin client.
  • Automatic connection after unexpected disconnection: added capability to automatically connect to a remote desktop via RDP if connection is lost.
  • Expanded support for guest operating systems: added capability to connect to remote desktops running Microsoft Windows 11 or Microsoft Windows Server 2022 operating systems.
  • Redirection of printers to a remote environment: added function for printing documents from a guest operating system (when connected via RDP, including a Basis.WorkPlace virtual desktop infrastructure) on a printer connected to the thin client.
  • Support for a new configuration of TONK TN1200: added functionality to enable Kaspersky Thin Client to start and operate on TONK TN1200 devices with mSATA SSDs.
  • Kaspersky Thin Client performance enhancements:
    • Higher speeds of delivering a remote desktop and virtual applications to the thin client.
    • Shorter thin client startup times.
    • Higher speeds when connecting to remote desktops by domain name.
  • Improved stability for thin clients managed via Kaspersky Security Center.
  • Added support for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as user interface and input languages.
  • Updated Kaspersky Thin Client UI design and text:
    • Redesigned the connection panel in the remote environment.
    • Added interactive notification panel.

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