Kaspersky Web Traffic Security event log

December 13, 2023

ID 166556

Various events arise in the course of operation of Kaspersky Web Traffic Security. These events reflect the changes of application state. To let the administrator independently analyze mistakes introduced when configuring settings of the application, and to let Kaspersky experts provide efficient technical support, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security records information about these events in the event log.

Event log data is stored on application nodes. Event log files are automatically rotated when maximum allowed file size or maximum storage time is reached.

The application classifies event records in the following levels:

  • Error for application run-time error messages.
  • Info for information messages.

The web interface of the application displays traffic processing events as well as system events of the application. The administrator can filter events for an individual workspace and events that are not associated with a workspace.

The web interface of a workspace displays only traffic processing events of the current workspace.

In this Help section

Viewing the event log

Exporting events

Configuring event table display

Filtering system events

Configuring event log parameters

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