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Certification Paths

Plan your training and certification to match your career goals.


Where to Pass

If you are a representative of the customer's company, please contact If you are from Russia, please go to Authorized Testing Centers. Kaspersky Partners should take all exams on the Partner Portal.


Find out how a valid certificate issued by Kaspersky must look like.

Examination Process

The exam takes place in the form of online testing.

Before the exam, you will see a page with the test rules, the number of questions, the passing score and the time allotted for testing. Please read it carefully.

To pass the exam successfully, you need to answer the questions as accurately as possible. When multiple choices are made, partially correct answers are taken into account. "Empty" responses are not accepted.

It is important to answer all questions. As soon as you answer all the questions, the "Submit test" button will appear on the screen.

The time allowed for testing is limited. Your answers will only be counted if you submit the test before the time allotted.


If you still have some questions, find answers in the FAQ.

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