Kaspersky Sandbox 1.1: commercial release

Latest update: October 06, 2020 ID: 15464

Kaspersky Sandbox 1.1 was released on March 26, 2020.

Kaspersky Sandbox detects and automatically blocks advanced threats on workstations and servers of an organization. The solution is developed for corporate users.

The Kaspersky Sandbox solution consists of:

  • The Kaspersky Sandbox application, which is the server part of the solution. A virtual image of Windows operating system starts on the server with Kaspersky Sandbox and scans objects. Kaspersky Sandbox analyzes the behavior of the objects to detect malicious activity and signs of targeted attacks to the corporate IT infrastructure.
  • The Endpoint Protection Platform application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows version 11.2 and version 11.3.
  • The Kaspersky Endpoint Agent application version 3.7 installed as part of Endpoint Protection Platform. The Kaspersky Endpoint Agent application provides:
    • interaction between Endpoint Protection Platform and the Kaspersky Sandbox application
    • automatic response to threats, which is specified in policies.
  • Kaspersky Security Center version with patch В.

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