Enabling Dampening

April 9, 2024

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Dampening is a configurable mechanism that prevents the use of links that change state too frequently. When determining instability, the following state changes are taken into account:


The LIVE and NOT-LIVE states are used to integrate the Dampening function with the Ethernet Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) protocol, which detects the loss of two-way Ethernet connectivity of the segment between neighbor switches without the service interface entering the DOWN state (Rx signal loss).

Dampening is applied to both ends of the Ethernet segment.

This functionality does the following within a deployed SD-WAN network:

  • Detect frequent changes of the states of service interfaces.
  • Move transport services suffering from instability of service interfaces to backup links.
  • Exclude segments tied to the service interfaces from route calculation for transport services.

When the Dampening functionality is enabled, each state change of the service interface through which the link is constructed increases the Penalty value. If the Penalty factor reaches the threshold value within a certain period of time, access to the link is restricted (its cost is increased 10,000 times for a certain period of time). The value of each of these parameters is specified when you enable the feature. By default, access to the link is resumed if the state of the service interface does not change for 10 minutes.

You can enable Dampening on an individual link. All links built within the SD-WAN network are displayed in the overall table of links in the Tunnels section, as well as in the graphic topology in the Topology section. A table of links built using a particular CPE device is also displayed in the configuration of that CPE device, on the Tunnels tab.

To enable Dampening on a link, use the following instructions:

  • Enabling Dampening on a link using the overall table of links.
  • Enabling Dampening on a link using the graphical topology.
  • Enabling Dampening on a link in the configuration of an individual CPE device.

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