Migrating a data center

April 9, 2024

ID 256073

When you migrate a data center, it is transferred from one Kaspersky SD-WAN domain to another. Consolidating multiple data centers into one location can reduce rent and the number of operations performed, as well as improve overall performance.

When your organization's offices or individual users experience lag when using the SD-WAN network, migrating the data center to a location closer to the offices or users provides more reliable connectivity.

You can also move your data center to a more cost-effective location that, for example, allows using cloud services or renting equipment jointly with other organizations.

To migrate a data center:

  1. In the menu, go to the Infrastructure section.

    The SD-WAN infrastructure management page is displayed. By default, the Network resources tab is selected, which displays the table of SD-WAN Controllers.

  2. In the Resources panel, select the Data center tab.

    A list of data centers is displayed.

  3. Click the settings button next to the data center and in the drop-down list, select Migrate.
  4. This opens a window; in that window, select the domain to which you want to migrate the data center.
  5. Click Migrate.

The data center migration begins; upon completion, the data center is displayed under the new domain in the Resources panel.

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