Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack (KATA) Platform

About widgets and layouts

February 16, 2024

ID 247508

You can use widgets to monitor application operation.

A layout is the appearance of the workspace of the application web interface window in the Dashboard section. You can add, delete, and move widgets in the layout.

The following widgets are available in the application:

  • Processed. Displays the processing status for traffic coming from the Sensor component and the Endpoint Agent component to the server with the Central Node component.
  • Queues. Displays information on the number and volume of objects waiting to be scanned by application modules and components.
  • Sandbox processing time. Displays the average time taken to receive the scan results after objects were scanned by the Sandbox component.

If you are using the distributed solution and multitenancy mode, the section displays information about the tenant and server that you chose.

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