Kaspersky Internet Security 20

How to run a scan task in Kaspersky Internet Security 20

Latest update: March 10, 2021 ID: 15075

Scan tasks in Kaspersky Internet Security are used to search for infected files and threats. You can run scans of different duration and scope:

  • Full Scan, which scans the entire computer. This takes considerable time.
  • Quick Scan, which scans startup objects, system memory, and hard drive boot sectors. This scan does not take much time.
  • Selective Scan, which scans a selected file or folder.
  • External Devices Scan, which scans removable drives connected to your computer.
  • Vulnerability Scan, which scans the operating system and installed applications for vulnerabilities that can be used by malware.

After you install Kaspersky Internet Security, we recommend that you run a full scan of your computer.


How to run a full or quick scan


How to scan individual files or folders


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How to set a scan schedule


How to run a scan remotely


How to stop a scan task


What to do in case of scan issues

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