Kaspersky Internet Security 2013


Kaspersky Internet Security 2013


Activation errors

Activation error. Untrusted server certificate
id: 9220
Kaspersky Internet Security activation error: Cannot set up SSL connection
id: 9135
Activation error. Trial license has expired
id: 8737
Activation error. License is not valid
id: 8736
Activation error. The application should be reinstalled
id: 8759
Activation error. Black list file of licenses is corrupted
id: 8739
Activation error. License is blocked
id: 8735
Activation error. Server returned HTTP code 501, 502, 504
id: 8732
Activation error. Necessary resource is unavailable on the activation server. Activation server has returned error 404
id: 8731
Activation error. Activation code is not suitable for this application
id: 8734
Activation error. The updated subscription key is missing
id: 8733
Activation error. Activation server is unavailable
id: 8770
Activation error. Active and additional keys are already registered
id: 8769
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 returns an "unknown error"
id: 8458
Activation error. Response timeout has expired. Check network settings
id: 8895
Activation error. Cannot register beta license for commercial product release
id: 8768
Activation error. Cannot add a key that expires earlier than the active key as an additional key
id: 8764
Activation error: 37
id: 8760
Activation error. Activation procedure completed with system error 2
id: 8767
Activation error. Unable to connect to server
id: 8766



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