How to configure Android Work Profile in Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Latest update: February 20, 2023 ID: 13587

Android Work Profile is a Google solution which filters and encrypts corporate information on devices running under Android 5.0 and later. Kaspersky Security for Mobile uses open API Google for Android for Work.

To configure Android Work Profile:

  1. Download and install the management plug-in for Kaspersky Security for Mobile.
  2. Create a policy for managing Android devices.
  3. Go to Manage Android for Work.  
  4. Select the Create work profile check box and adjust the profile settings. Click OK


  1. Wait for the devices to synchronize.

After the synchronization, the initial setup wizard will start on the Android devices.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile acts as a Device Policy Client (DPC) and becomes the Profile owner of the Android Work profile deployed on the device.

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