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How to protect keyboard input in Kaspersky Security Cloud 19

Latest update: April 27, 2020 ID: 14467
The article concerns Kaspersky Security Cloud — Family and Personal.

When you enter the information from the keyboard, criminals can intercept it using spying software secretly installed on your computer.
Spyware registers keystrokes whenever you are using a hardware keyboard. Use Kaspersky Security Cloud’s On-Screen Keyboard to prevent your data from being intercepted. 

It supports the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 (except for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 –11 with the new Windows user interface style).
  • Microsoft Edge (all versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox 52 – 59
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 52
  • Google Chrome 48 – 64

To start using On-Screen Keyboard after you install Kaspersky Security Cloud, restart the computer and enable the Kaspersky Protection extension. See this article for instructions.

On-Screen Keyboard cannot protect your data from interception if you enter it on a website that has been hacked.


How to open On-Screen Keyboard from the browser


How to open On-Screen Keyboard from the Kaspersky Security Cloud shortcut menu


How to configure On-Screen Keyboard


On-Screen Keyboard features

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