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Password Manager in Kaspersky Security Cloud 20

Latest update: January 28, 2022 ID: 15210
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Whenever you create a password on a website, Kaspersky Security Cloud checks its strength and notifies you about it. From the notification window, you can proceed to the Kaspersky Password Manager download window. You can then use Kaspersky Password Manager to create strong passwords and store them securely.

When you enter a password on a website where password security is especially important (such as on a social network), Kaspersky Security Cloud prompts you to enable protection against using the same passwords. If protection against using the same passwords is enabled, Kaspersky Security Cloud checks whether or not you have previously used the password that you are entering on websites of the following categories:

  • Websites of banks and payment systems
  • Social networks
  • Mail services

If the password you are entering has already been used on websites of these categories, Kaspersky Security Cloud will notify you about it and prompt you to create a new password.

If you have downloaded and installed Kaspersky Password Manager, password protection will be disabled in Kaspersky Security Cloud. Password protection will be provided by Kaspersky Password Manager.


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