Kaspersky Security 11.x for Windows Server

Configuring Update tasks in Web Plug-in

May 25, 2022

ID 202521

To configure the Copying Updates, Database Update, or Software Modules Update tasks:

  1. In the main window of Web Console, select DevicesTasks.
  2. Click the task name in the list of Kaspersky Security Center tasks.

    The <Task name> window opens.

  3. In the Update sources section, configure update source settings:
    • In the Database update source section, specify Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server or Kaspersky update servers as an application update source. You can also create a customized list of update sources: by adding custom HTTP and FTP servers or network folders manually and setting them as update sources.

      You can specify the usage of Kaspersky update servers, if manually customized servers are not available.

      To use an SMB-shared folder as an update source, you need to specify a user account to start a task.

      When configuring an update task via the Cloud Console, only Distribution points and Kaspersky update servers settings are available to specify the update source.

    • In the Connection settings section, configure the use of a proxy server for connecting to Kaspersky update servers and other servers.
  4. In the Optimization section for the Database Update task, you can configure the feature that reduces the workload on the disk subsystem:
    • Disk I/O usage optimization
    • RAM used for optimization (400 - 9999 MB)
  5. Configure the task schedule in the Schedule section (you can configure a schedule for all task types except Rollback of Database Update).
  6. In the <Task name> window, click OK.

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