Kaspersky Security 11.x for Windows Server

How to integrate Kaspersky Security for Windows Server with the Veeam Backup & Replication’s Secure Restore feature

Latest update: January 26, 2024 ID: 15250
This article concerns Kaspersky Security 11.0.1 for Windows Server (version

To restore an image created in Veeam Backup & Replication, you can use the Secure Restore feature by selecting Scan the restored machine for malware prior to performing the recovery. To integrate Kaspersky Security for Windows Server with this feature, edit the AntivirusInfos.xml file located in the folder %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Mount Service.

The configuration of the AntivirusInfos.xml file for integration with Kaspersky Security for Windows Server:

  <AntivirusInfo Name='Kaspersky Security' IsPortableSoftware='false' ExecutableFilePath='kavshell.exe' CommandLineParameters='scan %Path%' RegPath='HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\KAVFS' ServiceName='kavfs' ThreatExistsRegEx='' IsParallelScanAvailable='false'>
         <ExitCode Type='Success' Description='No threats detected'>0</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Warning' Description='There were processing errors for some files'>-82</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Warning' Description='Some files were not scanned'>-83</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Warning' Description='Some files were corrupted'>-84</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Operation timed out'>2</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Antivirus scan was canceled'>1</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Service process is not running'>-2</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Access denied'>-3</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Object not found'>-4</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Invalid syntax'>-5</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Invalid operation'>-6</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Service doesn't exist'>-7</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Service disabled'>-8</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Service logon failure'>-9</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Unable to create file'>-10</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Invalid command line argument'>-11</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Invalid password'>-12</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Cannot create report file'>-85</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='License is invalid'>-301</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Error' Description='Antivirus bases are corrupted'>-236</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Infected' Description='Infected object was detected'>-80</ExitCode>
         <ExitCode Type='Infected' Description='Possibly infected object was detected'>-81</ExitCode>

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