How to remove the Worm.Win32.NeKav.a (eKav) malware


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How to remove the Worm.Win32.NeKav.a (eKav) malware

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Latest update: December 02, 2019 ID: 3311

Worm.Win32.NeKav.a malware is a blackmailer program which extorts money, interferes with the normal work and gains unauthorized access to removable drives. Worm.Win32.NeKav.a is a dynamically loaded Windows library (PE-DLL file), has the size of 129536 bites, and is written in Delphi language.

Worm.Win32.NeKav.a malware displays a warning informing that some malicious software has been detected. The warning contains a demand to send a message with a definite code to a given number; sending the message will supposedly allow the user to continue work and to clean the system of malware.


1. Malware installation into the system


2. Spreading


3. Features of malware infection


4. Recommendations on malware removal

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