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How to add a client computer to a group to Administration Kit 6.0

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Concerning to Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0 MP1

All client computers of the logical network are organized to administration groups for the convenience. You can add a client computer to a group by one of the following methods: 

  • Automatically from a chosen domain, Active Directory or IP-subnetwork 

All computers of a specific Active Directory, domain, or IP-subnetworks can be automatically included to a definite administration group. For it go to the properties of an administration group > the Client computers tab> check the Move computers from domain, Active Directory group, or IP subnet box and define the necessary container. Depending on the network parameters the procedure of relocating computers to an administration group may take different time (maximum 60 minutes). 

When new computers are later found in a defined Active Directory group, domain or IP-subnet, it will be automatically relocated to this administration group. 

Information You should specify the unit that contains computers. Computers will not be moved from the selected unit subgroups! 

Warning Once the computers are relocated to an administration group, they cannot be relocated to another group till the Move computers from domain, Active Directory group, or IP subnet box is unchecked. 

  • Automatically, new computers from a selected domain, Active Directory container or IP-subnet 

Administration Server can find new computers by each network scan. Once a computer is found, it is imaged in the Network group. An administrator can set automatic relocation of these computers to a definite administration group. 

To define the administration group into which new computers should be added, choose the necessary view of the Network group and open the properties of the required domain, Active Directory Container or IP-subnet. Next on the Client computers or General tab define the necessary administration group in the logical network. 

Information Once the parameter is enabled, only the computers which are found in the Network group or its subgroups will be relocated to a defined group. So if all computers of a domain, Active Directory container or IP-subnet should be relocated to a definite group in the logical network, delete them from the Network container and after the next network scan they will be relocated to the set administration group. 


Warning The difference between these two methods is the following: 

    • in the first method all computers from the domain, Active Directory container or IP-subnet are relocated and later they cannot be relocated /deleted from this administration group (computers are “bound” to a definite group); 


    • in the second method only new computers are relocated from the Network container and they are not “bound” to this administration group; 


    • the first rule has the priority to relocate a client computer (as set in the administration group properties).



  • Manually by dragging a computer by the mouse from the Network group to the specific administration group.


  • Using New workstations wizard
    • selecting from the list computers that should be added to the group. The list contains all computers of the Network group. 
    • by IP-address, specifying a definite IP-address, range of IP-addresses or computer name (NetBIOS-name) 
    • by file-list of IP-addresses. Each address in such TXT-format should be placed on a new line. 

To launch New workstation wizard, run the NewComputer from the context menu of the group to which Clients should be added. The wizard's steps are the following: 

1. welcome; 

2. specify one of the methods of adding a computer: 

        • to display a list of computers of the Network group, choose Automatically, based on Administration Server data 


        • to know the IP-address (range of IP-addresses), computer name (NetBIOS-name) or file-list of IP-addresses, click Manually, based on the computer’s IP-address or name

3. select computers to connect. 

        • If you have chosen the Automatically, based on Administration Server data item, the window has the tree structure of the Network group. This structure is similar to the selected view of the Network container (domains, Active Directory or IP-subnet) 

Check the computers that should be added to the group. 

        • If you have chosen Manually, based on the computer’s IP-address or name, click the Add button to enter the IP-address (range of IP-addresses) and/or NetBIOS-names of the required computers, or click the Import button to specify the path to the file-list. 
  • Manually from the Find computers window 

In the context menu of the Administration Server choose the Find Computer command. In the Find computer window you can define different search parameters in order to find computers and to relocate them to the necessary administration group. For it highlight one or several computers and drag them by the mouse to the required group. 

Information Computers are searched in all groups of the logical network and in the Network group. 

Warning Adding a computer DOES NOT MEAN it is automatically connected to the Administration Server! To connect a client computer to the Server, install the Network Agent on it which will connect to the necessary Server.

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