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General articles: Purchasing and licensing

Where to enter an activation code in a Kaspersky application
id: 15060
How to renew the license for Kaspersky Lab solutions for home
id: 13278
What to do if the license for your Kaspersky Lab application did not renew automatically
id: 14710
How to find which applications you can activate with your activation code
id: 13945
Trial license for Kaspersky Lab products
id: 12417
What to do if you entered a wrong email address when buying the license
id: 14709
How to recover a Kaspersky Lab product activation code
id: 14656
About activation codes for Kaspersky products
id: 12778
How to transfer a Kaspersky Lab product license from one device to another
id: 13030
How to know the product expiration date
id: 10983
How to switch to a different Kaspersky Lab product
id: 13810
How to switch to a different Kaspersky Lab product
id: 12192
Where to buy an activation code for a Kaspersky Lab product
id: 13946
Extended support for products for business
id: 12433
What is a key file and an activation code for Kaspersky Lab solutions for business
id: 5006
Where to find information about prices, payment options and order details?
id: 14660
What to do if a Kaspersky Lab application prompts you to reduce the license term during activation
id: 14659
How to buy a subscription for a Kaspersky Lab product from your Internet provider
id: 14509
Unaffiliated companies
id: 8066
How to request a refund for a Kaspersky Lab application
id: 14828



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