What is a commercial key file for Kaspersky Security 3.0 Light Agent


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What is a commercial key file for Kaspersky Security 3.0 Light Agent

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What is a key file

A key file (or license key) is a file with the .key extension. It allows using commercial, trial or beta license for Kaspersky Security 3.0 Light Agent. You cannot use the application without a key file. 

When activating the product with a key file, no connection to Kaspersky Lab activation servers is required (that means, you need no Internet access).

To activate Kaspersky Security 3.0 Light Agent using a key file, create a task to distribute license keys on virtual machines with Kaspersky Security 3.0 Light Agent installed.

In case the license key is lost, send a request to the Kaspersky Lab technical support to restore it.

Data contained in a key file

A key file contains the following license information:

  • License number, which is a unique number required for technical support.
  • Maximum number of computers on which you can activate the the license.
  • Key validity period, which is a period from the moment the key is activated till the moment it expires.
  • Key file creation date, which is the date when the key file was created. The key file creation date is the first day of the key validity period.
  • License lifetime, which is a term that starts when the license has been created. You cannot activate the application with a license whose lifetime is over. Usually the license lifetime is several years.
  • Key file expiration date, which is the final date the key file can be used for activation of the software. 
  • Information about which channels of technical support are available to the license holder.

Commercial key file

A commercial key file is a file that contains the information required for using the software on terms of commercial license. Commercial key is usually valid for one year.

Users of the commercial version take advantage of the full technical support by phone or via the Kaspersky CompanyAccount service

Trial key file

A trial key file allows to evaluate Kaspersky Lab software for a limited period, free of charge.

If you have used a trial key file to activate the application, you cannot extend your license with another trial key file. The validity period of the second trial key will be limited by the validity period of the first one.

Beta testing key file

Beta testing key files are issued for the users who are interested in testing Kaspersky Lab software which has not been released yet.

The users of beta versions can receive technical support in a respective Community thread or by the e-mail address specified in the documentation for the product beta.

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