How to update the anti-virus database/ application modules in logical network



Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0


How to update the anti-virus database/ application modules in logical network

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2012 Jan 23 ID: 1132

Concerning to Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0 MP1

The installed complex of Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0 gives administrator the possibility to organize update of slave Servers and client computers of the logical network from the master (or the only) Administration Server. 

The recommended update procedure is the following:

1. How to update storages on the master Administration Server 

The Administration Server downloads necessary updates according to the schedule configured and stores them in the Updates subfolder. The subfolder is defined during the Server installation. By default this is the Share folder in the Server installation directory (C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Administration Kit) or to some other network folder. 

If the computer- Administration Server does not have access to the Internet then to update this computer it is recommended to install an “intermediate” Server in the logical network. “Intermediate” Server will download updates from the Kaspersky Lab’s servers; which will be delivered to the master Server. 

Warning If at least one Server in the local network has version 6.0, then the “intermediate” Server should be version 6.0 too! 

Warning Kaspersky Lab’s experts do NOT recommend DOWNLOADING UPDATES FROM THE INTERNET MANUALLY, i.e. do not copy necessary update folders manually. As the update set will be inconsistent – one part of the downloaded files will be from one update set, and another from – a different set; which results in the update error of the Server storage. 

2. How to configure updates of the master Server 

If the Administration Servers create a hierarchy in the logical network, then in order to update slave Servers and client computers: 

1.2. create the update task of the slave Server from the master Server (on the Settings tab as an update source select Master Administration Server

2.2. in order to get updates on-the-fly configure forced update of slave Servers from the master Server. For it in the update task of the master Server check the box Force update of slave servers on the Settings tab. 

3. How to configure update of client computers 

From all client computers with installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows workstations/ file servers it is recommended to configure forced download of updates, i.e. each time when new Anti-Virus databases (and/or patches) are received by the Server client computers are forced to download them. 

Unlike Kaspersky Administration Kit version 5.0, in version 6.0 to configure scheduled run of any group/global update task > go to the Schedule tab > choose On receipt of updates by Administration Server. In this case client computers of slave Servers will download new databases from the Administration Servers to which they are connected. 

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