Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 for FS release notes


Kaspersky Small Office Security 4.0 (FS)


Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 for FS release notes

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Latest update: October 22, 2015 ID: 11908

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Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 for FS has been released April 21, 2015. To install the application, download the installation package from Kaspersky Lab official website and follow the instructions of the Setup wizard.

What's new in Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 for FS

New features

  • The latest versions of popular web browsers are now supported: 
    • Mozilla Firefox versions 25.x to 34.x;
    • Google Chrome versions 33.x to 38.x.
  • Google Chrome for 64-bit operating systems is now supported.
  • Quick access to the main tasks (such as scan or update) from the Taskbar in operating systems that support quick access lists.
  • The progress of tasks performed by Kaspersky Small Office Security is now displayed as a progress indicator in the Taskbar.
  • You can now manage protection of your devices remotely via Kaspersky Small Office Security Management Console.


  • Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 can be licensed for up to 50 devices (in select regions).
  • Protection of Mac® OS devices has been added (implemented by Kaspersky Internet Security 15 for Mac).
  • Online license management via My Kaspersky has been added.
  • Improvements to the graphical user interface.
  • Improvements to the application performance and computer resource consumption.
  • Application startup time has decreased.
  • The application upgrade process has been improved.
  • The configuration of Backup and Restore and Data Encryption has been simplified.

See also: Kaspersky Small Office Security 4 for Personal Computer release notes.

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