Network Storage Protection architecture


Kaspersky Security 10.x for Windows Server


Network Storage Protection architecture

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2018 Dec 21 ID: 12799

Kaspersky Security installed on a server running under Microsoft Windows protects network storages from viruses and other threats which may access it through file sharing. 


Kaspersky Security checks files located in shared network folders in the network storage upon attempts of changing or reading these files from workstations. The network storage allows accessing and making changes to the file only if Kaspersky Security identifies the file as safe. If Kaspersky Security identifies it as infected or probably infected, the storage does not allow reading or changing the file. In Kaspersky Security settings, you can set actions for the product t perform upon infected and probably infected files. By default, Kaspersky Security disinfects the files. If disinfection is impossible, the files are deleted (if this option is available in the network storage). Probably infected files are moved to quarantine in this case. Before disinfection or deletion, Kaspersky Security saves the copy of the file to the backup storage.

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