Protection of the Celerra / VNX group EMC network storage


Kaspersky Security 10.x for Windows Server


Protection of the Celerra / VNX group EMC network storage

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2018 Dec 21 ID: 12877
Kaspersky Security interacts with the EMC network storage of the Celerra / VNX group through CAVA (Celerra Antivirus Agent), which works on the computer with Kaspersky Security installed. Upon startup, Kaspersky Security checks if the CAVA agent which meets Kaspersky Security requirements is installed
Upon attempt to read or change the file located in the network storage, the storage initiates the network request and sends the file to the CAVA agent. The CAVA agent writes the received file to the specially created folder on the local drive of the computer. The Real-Time File Protection component gains control over the action performed on the file and checks the file according to the settings of the Real-Time File Protection task and takes an action, for example, disinfects or deletes the file. The CAVA agent analyzes the actions of Kaspersky Security and generates scan results based on this information and then sends it to the network storage.  

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