Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers Maintenance Release 3 (version


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Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers Maintenance Release 3 (version

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Latest update: August 04, 2020 ID: 13016

Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers Maintenance Release 3 was released on May 16, 2016. Full version number is

New features

  • Using new roles of application users for restricting access rights to the application features. These new roles allow you to view the server protection status and the application statistics without the possibility to modify the security settings. The new roles also restrict the Backup management options.
  • Auditing changes in the application settings by events in Windows Event Log. New event types have been added.
  • Monitoring the application status, retrieveing the application statistics, and managing allowlist and denylist of Anti-Spam addresses through Windows PowerShell commands.
  • Setting up the allowlist of Anti-Spam addresses to let in all types of spam or to let in bulk email only. Also, the application interface has been improved for better management of allowlist and denylist.
  • Blocking notifications of the application operation to non-in-company senders by default.
  • Tracking data leaks by new categories: Document quotations and Document templates.

Main known issues

  • The attachment filtering feature incorrectly processes file names that contain non-Latin (Unicode) characters. This error occurs if the name of a file being scanned contains non-Latin characters which cannot be found in the current operating system localization. Due to the errror error:
    • Non-Latin characters in file names are incorrectly displayed in replacement files and in the application log.
    • Attachments cannot be filtered by file name masks that contain non-Latin characters.
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