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How to download Kaspersky Demo Data Feeds

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Latest update: January 29, 2021 ID: 15707
Cyber attacks happen every day. Cyber threats are constantly growing in frequency, complexity, and obfuscation, as they try to compromise your defenses. Adversaries currently use complicated intrusion kill chains, campaigns, and customized Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to disrupt business or damage clients.

Kaspersky offers continuously updated Threat Data Feeds to inform your business or clients about risks and implications associated with cyber threats, helping you to mitigate threats more effectively and defend against attacks even before they are launched.

Every record in each feed is enriched with actionable context (threat names, time stamps, geolocation, resolved IPs, addresses of infected web resources, hashes, popularity, and so on). Contextual data helps to reveal the "big picture", further validating and supporting wide-ranging use of the data.
Kaspersky Demo feeds can be used for evaluation purposes. Demo feeds provide lower detection rates in comparison with their corresponding commercial versions.

Certificate for Demo Data Feeds is included into Kaspersky CyberTrace by default. If you are not using the latest version, certificate may be outdated and you need to replace it to continue using Demo Data Feeds. You can download the latest certificate here and add it to CyberTrace as described in the documentation.

To gain access to the commercial versions of Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds, please contact Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services.
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