What is a key file?



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What is a key file?

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Concerning to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1 

A key file is your personal “key”. It keeps all Kaspersky Anti-Virus information, such as: 

  • Distributor's coordinates (the name of the firm and its contact information) 
  • Information about support (who and where provides it) 
  • The date of the key release 
  • The name and number of the license 
  • Components functionality table 
  • License validity 

There are two kinds of key files: 

  • Commercial key file 

commercial key file activates Kaspersky Lab's program products purchased legally for their further usage. When purchasing the product pay attention to its validity period. 

Commercial key file is valid during: 

    • 1 year 
    • 2 years 
    • Any period (during Kaspersky Lab special actions) 

When the license expires, the product will function, but will not update the anti-virus databases. It will disinfect infected objects using old anti-virus databases. The program will not download updates from the site automatically. Manually downloaded updates will not be used either. Thus Kaspersky Lab cannot guarantee you protection against new types of viruses. 

Users of commercial key files have the right for full technical support provided by Kaspersky Lab: either by phone or via the HelpDesk form

  • Trial key file 

Trial key file is used to try Kaspersky Lab products during a fixed period of time. Trial keys are granted by Kaspersky Lab free. 

Trial key file is valid during:

    • 15 days 
    • 30 days 
    • Other period (according to the arrangement with Kaspersky Lab) 

When the trial key expires, the product starts but does not filter the traffic. 

The users of trial key files have the right for limited technical support provided by Kaspersky Lab by filling in the HelpDesk form only. 

Once received, the key file should be saved on a separate drive (disc, flash, CD) to be restored when needed. 

Without the key file the program starts but does not filter the traffic. 

In order to view the information about license keys and to install a new license key,

1. select the node corresponding to the required server in the console tree and follow the General parameters link in the results pane. 

2. go to the General or License key tab in the General settings window that will open 

Two keys can be installed in the program concurrently: current and reserve. The current key functions at present time. The program can have only current key installed. The reserve key is activated automatically after the current key expires.

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