How to encrypt disk volumes and removable disks using Kaspersky KryptoStorage?
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Kaspersky KryptoStorage


How to encrypt disk volumes and removable disks using Kaspersky KryptoStorage?

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2013 Aug 12 ID: 2896

Disk volumes and removable devices are encrypted in the background mode. Consequently, you can continue using the device while the encryption process is running. 

If necessary, the encryption process can be interrupted. You can resume the encryption later, or cancel it. 

When a computer hibernates or goes into Standby mode, the encryption process is automatically interrupted. After the computer returns from Hibernation or Standby mode, you can resume the encryption or cancel it.

In order to encrypt a disk volume or a removable disk, perform the following actions: 

  1. Complete one of the following steps: 
    • In the Explorer, select an object (a volume of a hard disk or a removable disk) to encrypt. Right-click the selected object and from the opened context menu select Kaspersky KryptoStorage - Encrypt volume.
    • Run the Kaspersky KryptoStorage manager from the Start menu select Programs - Kaspersky KryptoStorage - Kaspersky KryptoStorage. In the opened window select Encrypt volume…, specify a volume which must be protected and click OK
  2. In the Encrypt volume window, specify the parameters of the volume: 
    • Volume name. Specify the name of the volume which will be protected. You can specify a different volume by clicking Select volume. 
    • Password, Confirm, Password hint. Specify the password to access the protected volume and a hint for your password (optional). You will need these parameters to access the volume prior to loading the operating system.
  3. When all necessary parameters are specified, click OK.

After that, the application starts encrypting the object. From this moment the volume (removable disk) is a protected object.

If the system and/or the boot volume is encrypted, then you must be authorized prior to loading the operating system. Authorization is required every time you start or restart the computer and also when the computer returns from hibernation or Standby mode.

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