Disk recovery using Kaspersky KryptoStorage
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Kaspersky KryptoStorage


Disk recovery using Kaspersky KryptoStorage

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2012 Jul 31 ID: 2907

Applies to Kaspersky KryptoStorage

ВниманиеYou must have administrator rights to the computer to use the disk recovery feature.


From the window of the Kaspersky KryptoStorage manager, you can access a feature which cleans the space on a hard disk, Flash drives, USB mass storage devices used by protected volumes when the access to the volumes cannot be recovered.

You may need to delete the data on a protected volume without decrypting it, when:

  • You have lost the access keys to the protected volume and consequently cannot attach or decrypt it.
  • The protected volume is formatted without using Kaspersky KryptoStorage and its running subsystem Protected volumes. As a consequence, after the application is reinstalled and the Protected volumes subsystem is running, you cannot access the protected object.
  • The size of a protected volume is changed. As a consequence, the size allocated by the application does not correspond to the real size of the protected volume.In order to change the disk size, you need to decrypt the protected volume, then change the disk size and only then encrypt the volume again.

You must complete the following steps before using the recovery feature:

  • complete all operations on encrypting, re-encrypting and decrypting volumes of the physical disk
  • detach the protected volumes of the physical disk whose information you want to delete from Kaspersky KryptoStorage using the recovery feature


Be attentive when selecting a protected volume. After the application’s information about the protected volume is deleted, the data on this volume cannot be decrypted. Therefore, if the volume is encrypted, it will look like an unformatted volume.

In order to make the disk space used by a protected volume available, perform the following: 

  • run the Kaspersky KryptoStorage manager: from the Start menu select Programs - Kaspersky KryptoStorage - Kaspersky KryptoStorage

  • in the window of the Kaspersky KryptoStorage manager click Disk recovery

  • in the Disk recovery window select the required protected volume to delete application’s information about it
  • right-click the selected volume
  • from the opened context menu select Delete information about encrypted area

  • in the dialog window that will inform you that the encrypted data will be lost click the Yes button

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