What is Kaspersky Password Manager (Android)


Kaspersky Password Manager (Android)


What is Kaspersky Password Manager (Android)

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2016 Jan 29 ID: 3726

Kaspersky Password Manager is a multi-platform solution which securely stores your usernames and passwords and allows you to log into web and app accounts and fill in forms automatically. Kaspersky Password Manager includes a strong password generator which automatically creates effective and reliable passwords and spares you of the need to remember them. You can then use these strong passwords on any of your supported devices 

Kaspersky Password Manager protects your digital identity from hackers and cybercriminals. All information is stored in the encrypted form in the cloud vault. This also allows synchronizing the information across all your devices so that you can always use the latest entries.

You can install Kaspersky Password Manager on other devices (Windows, Mac, iOS). You can store up to 15 accounts for free.

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