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What is Kaspersky Now

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2014 Oct 09 ID: 4920

Kaspersky Now is a modern UI-style app for managing Kaspersky Lab products. 

The app displays the current protection status of your computer and allows running Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Anti-Virus tasks right from the Start screen. Moreover, Kaspersky Now delivers digital security news from the Securelist.com website.

the Kaspersky Now app for Windows 8

With Kaspersky Now, you can:

  • Read news updates from the Securelist.com website.
  • Monitor the protection status of your computer.
  • Run Scan and Update tasks and open Tools from the app. 

If you have no Kaspersky Lab products installed, Kaspersky Now only functions as a news agent.

Kaspersky Now supports the following products:

Supported processor architectures: x86, x64

Supported languages: English, English (UK), English (US), French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Mexico).

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