How to activate Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0 (Windows)


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How to activate Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0 (Windows)

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2018 Apr 03 ID: 6405

When you install Kaspersky Password Manager, you automatically get the free version of the application.

The free version is limited to 15 entries of the same type (websites, apps, cards, addresses or notes). They are synchronized across all your devices.

To use Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0 without any restrictions, activate the premium version with an activation code for:

  • Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0
  • Kaspersky Total Security
  • Kaspersky Small Office Security

The activation code for Kaspersky Password Manager 5.0 cannot be used to activate the premium version of Kaspersky Password Manager.

To activate Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0, add the activation code to your My Kaspersky account. To do so:

  1. Sign in to the My Kaspersky web portal.
  2. Go to HomeLicenses.

Adding the code to the Licenses tab in your My Kaspersky account

  1. In the Add an activation code block, enter the activation code and click Add.

Adding the activation code to My Kaspersky

  1. Open Kaspersky Password Manager and sign in to your My Kaspersky account. The premium version will become available as soon as you open the application. If you have any difficulties opening the application, see this guide.
  2. Synchronize your data. If you’re not sure how to synchronize your data, see this guide.
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