Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Workstations protection components



Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows (for file server)


Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Workstations protection components

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2014 Nov 07 ID: 6993
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 Windows protection components when installed on a workstation:
  • File Anti-Virus,
  • Mail Anti-Virus,
  • Web Anti-Virus,
  • IM Anti-Virus,
  • Firewall,
  • Network Attack Blocker,
  • Application Startup Control,
  • Application Privilege Control,
  • Vulnerability Monitor,
  • Device Control,
  • Web Control,
  • Antivirus scan, vulnerability scan, and update tasks,
  • Kaspersky Security Center 9 Network Agent Connector.

File Anti-Virus

File Anti-Virus prevents infection of the computer file system. By default, File Anti-Virus starts on booting the operating system, remains permanently in RAM, and scans all files that are opened, saved or run on your computer and on all connected drives for viruses and other malware. 

Mail Anti-Virus

This component scans incoming and outgoing mail for viruses and other malware. 

Web Anti-Virus

Web Anti-Virus intercepts and blocks dangerous scripts on websites. Web Anti-Virus protects the data incoming and outgoing over HTTP and FTP, and identifies suspicious and phishing URLs.

IM Anti-Virus

This component protects the traffic of instant messaging clients. It provides secure usage of many Internet pagers.


Firewall protects the personal data stored on the computer by blocking all possible threats to the operating system while the computer is connected to the Internet or a local network. The component filters all network activity by using two rule types: network application rules and network package rules.

Network Attack Blocker

This component monitors the network traffic for activity typical of network attacks. Upon detecting a network attack, it blocks the attacking computer.

Application Startup Control

This component monitors and controls user attempts to start software.

Application Activity Control

The component logs software activity in the system and controls it according to software groups. There are specific preset rules for each software group. These rules define the ability of the software to access user data and operating system resources, such as  user files (My documents folder, cookies, user activity data), and files, folders and registry keys containing settings and vital data of most frequently used software.

Vulnerability Monitor

Vulnerability Monitor performs a real-time scan of software running on the computer and scans applications before starting them.

Device Control

The component allows setting flexible access restrictions to data devices (hard disks, removable drives, tape devices, CD/DVD disks), data transfer devices, devices for hard copying (printers), and connection buses (USB, Bluetooth, Infrared).

Web Control

The component allows setting flexible access restrictions to websites for different user groups.

System Watcher

The component collects the data about software activity in the system and provides it to other components for improved protection.

Network Monitor

The component collects real-time data on network activity of the computer.

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