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Virus outbreak control

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2013 May 29 ID: 7402

Kaspersky Security Center allows a prompt response to virus outbreak threats. A virus outbreak threat can be estimated by monitoring virus activity on client computers.

You can configure virus outbreak estimation and response rules in the Virus outbreak section of the Administration Server properties.

Virus outbreak event notifications can be configured in the Events section of the Administration Server properties (open the Events section, select Virus outbreak in the right frame of the window and then click Properties).

Virus outbreak event is generated based on Malicious object detected event type. It is therefore important to save Malicious object detected events on the Administration server to be able to detect virus outbreaks.

You can configure Malicious object detected event registration settings in antivirus software policies.

In order for a policy to activate automatically in case of a Virus outbreak event:

  1. Open the Virus outbreak section of the Administration Server properties.
  2. Open the Policy activation window by clicking Configure policies to activate on "Virus outbreak" event and add the policy into the list of policies to activate upon detecting a virus outbreak.

Once a policy is activated upon the Virus outbreak event, you can switch back to the previous active policy only manually.

The Malicious object detected event counter considers only the information from client computers of the master Administration Server. Information from slave Administration Servers is not counted.

Information  It is necessary to configure Virus outbreak event settings for each slave Administration Server individually.

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