Changes introduced in Kaspersky Security Center version 9.0 as compared with 8.0



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Changes introduced in Kaspersky Security Center version 9.0 as compared with 8.0

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2012 Apr 10 ID: 7485

Applies to Kaspersky Security Center 9.0 

Changes introduced in 9.0.2786 (Kaspersky Security Center 9.0) as compared with 8.0.2134 (Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0 CF 2):



  • You can now create and use virtual Administration Servers;
  • A new Kaspersky Security Center Web Console component;
  • You can now control the software running on client hosts.
  • New centralized gathering of data on hardware status from managed computers.
  • Centralized tracking of applications registry changes.
  • Added vulnerability control for software installed on managed computers.
  • Windows Failover Clustering support for Administration server.
  • You can now modify the list of incompatible applications to be uninstalled when creating antivirus software installation packages.
  • You can now receive notifications about new versions of corporate software being available at Kaspersky Lab, and the Administration Server update task can now download these new versions.
  • Automatic allocation of update agents.
  • The Network Agent now allows polling the network and installing applications remotely.
  • Added connection gateways. A connection gateway can be used to manage client computers that do not have a direct connection to the Administration Server (for example, if client computers are located outside a corporate network while the Administration Server is inside).
  • A dedicated installer for the Administration Console has been added.
  • Separate Administration console installer.
  • Dynamic mode for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support
  • A new Connection Manager component. It allows setting time intervals for transferring the data from Network Agent to the Server.
  • Network Agent policy allows managing Microsoft NAP interaction.
  • You can now create special Kaspersky Security Center accounts that are not Windows user accounts.


  • Expanded structure synchronization between Active Directory and administration groups.
  • Expanded set of reports and information panels.
  • Revisited Administration Console GUI.
  • A new full-text information search via the Administration Console.
  • New virtual machines identification mechanism: you can now perform a search and set computer relocation rules by virtual machine settings.
  • Optimized volume of data transferred from the Administration Server to update agents.
  • You can now exclude selected administration groups from a task.
  • Optimized representation of computers in administration groups.


  • A separate installer for Kaspersky Security Center System Health Validator: its distribution package has been excluded from the application installer.
  • Support of MS SQL 2000 has been discontinued. 
  • There is no limit  to the number of computers included in a group.
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